Science and Technology to Help Protect Soldiers
and Improve Responder Performance

Since 1979, OptiMetrics has provided specialized research and engineering services to our nation’s armed forces. Our customers also include major defense contractors and university researchers. We focus on applying science and technology to help protect our soldiers on the battlefield and enhance the performance of incident response teams.

OptiMetrics became a wholly owned subsidiary of DCS Corp in July 2012. Learn more at

The Services, Tools, and Software You Need

Our services range from sophisticated system analysis and evaluation to complete product design and development. With our proven modeling and simulation tools, our customers can assess and improve the performance of military systems. Our software products help users predict, prepare for, respond to, and manage critical incidents.

From An Experienced Government Contractor

OptiMetrics has been awarded over 450 research- and engineering-related government service contracts to date. We have handled multi-year, multi-million-dollar, task-order efforts, including GSA contracts. You can rely on our specialized knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations and familiarity with government contracting, accounting, purchasing, property, safety, and security requirements and processes.